Site Design by RhettRO WTX Power 1030 Andrews Hwy Suite 109D Midland, TX 79701 WTX Power: Office: 432-218-4662 • Fax: 432-218-4644      ©2010 WTX Power. All Rights Reserved. WTX Power strives to become an extension of your business by paying attention to each minute detail and providing the highest level of professional service. What we bring to the table far surpasses a simple rate offering and then crossing our fingers that it sticks. We use our market expertise to make sure that you are receiving the best possible scenario that matches your individualized needs. We do this by: Constant Market Management – We are in the market all day every day so that we have insight into the intricacies of this volatile market. This means we are in contact with you at the most optimal times and we can explain what is going on in the market and why things are happening the way that they are. Understand Needs – Before we can work to obtain the best position for your business, we must first take the time to listen and understand your needs and goals. This means we then strive for common objectives. Analyze Usage Data – Usage data goes far beyond a simple “how many kilowatt hours did you use last month.” We dive into each component to get the most accurate depiction of your usage patterns and load profile. This means we are working with the most precise information as we……. Negotiate On Your Behalf – We exists to get you the best possible deal available. Due that fact, there are many steps in our negotiation phase: o Inquire with suppliers who best fit your individualized usage patterns. This means we are in conversation with the suppliers that best fit your energy needs from the very beginning. o Provide you with the top offerings from our initial inquiries. We have taken the time to listen to you up front, so now you are looking at best scenarios rather than having to spend time reviewing offers that are not a fit o After a thorough review of initial offerings, we then fine tune our requests. This includes aligning the contract language and securing credit approvals. This ensures no “hiccups” as we then secure the…… o Best Rate! Now that we’re speaking with the top suppliers and have all other variables in place, we push hard to obtain you the Best Rate Possible. Customer Service – Of course we provide the highest level of professional service before and during, but we also focus the utmost attention to service after the sale. We remain your single point of contact even after the negations and agreements are in place. This means that you call and speak to us with regards to any questions you may have and you avoid wait times on the suppliers customer care line. We are also in contact with you as we manage each step of the enrollment process and verify accuracy of bills received.