WTX... Born in Midland Download the Letter of Authorization Form.                                           Site Design by RhettRO WTX Power 1030 Andrews Hwy Suite 109D Midland, TX 79701 WTX Power: Office: 432-218-4662 • Fax: 432-218-4644      ©2010 WTX Power. All Rights Reserved. Our Goal... is Simple Live up to our “slogan” and be your partner,  working together to achieve the overall objective of obtaining the most economical supply arrangement available.   By completing the attached Letter of Authorization (LOA) and returning it to us, we can begin putting together your customized proposal. This LOA does not obligate your company to WTX Power in any form or fashion, it simply allows us to obtain your most recent 12 month usage history from your transmission company. 1) Please check the TDU in your territory. If you are unsure of your TDU, leave it blank and we can check the appropriate box on your behalf. 2) By checking the “Both Summary and Interval Data” box, we will be able to receive the most in depth usage summary. 3) Please list ALL of the ESI ID numbers that you currently receive a bill for. These ESI ID numbers can be found on a current invoice. There is usually one ESI ID for every meter your are responsible for. 4) Fill out and sign the bottom section. Once this LOA is complete, please fax it to us at 432.218.4644 or scan and email to us at phughes@wtxpower.com. Should you have any questions while completing the LOA, please do not hesitate to call on us as we are available and willing to help in any and all ways possible. Follow instructions located at the right.