WTX... Born in Midland WTX was born here in Midland Texas after spending many years in Dallas working for corp America. We believe corp America has gotten away from the core of the business – their customers. WTX chooses to focus on building and maintaining strong business relationships rather than strictly focusing our concern on profits. WTX exists to build relationships with commercial and industrial customers, sitting on the same side of the table with them to put them in the best possible situation with regard to their electricity agreements. WTX realizes that there are many different aspects to your business. We’re here to let you focus on the core aspects of your business and we will help you with the core aspect of our business – Electricity. As with any relationship, there is constant open conversation to explain and make sure there is understanding of the direction we, as partners, are heading.   Site Design by RhettRO WTX Power: Office: 432-218-4662 • Fax: 432-218-4644 ©2010 WTX Power. All Rights Reserved. Our Goal... is Simple Live up to our “slogan” and be your partner,  working together to achieve the overall objective of obtaining the most economical supply arrangement available.